Microwave Keto Strawberry Egg Loaf

This recipe tastes like a bread pudding and you may notice some jiggle in the middle still. Be careful to let the food sit in the microwave for a minute afterward–I’ve had this recipe explode on me when I moved it because of the air pockets. 

If you’re used to sweeteners you can certainly add a little of your choice to this recipe (before you add the strawberries). A tablespoon of erythritol would probably do for most folks. Or 15 Monkfruit Drops.

Why No Sweetener? #UnsweetKetoChallenge

Even keto sweeteners can have negative effects. Many of them cause an upset stomach, and they can still spike insulin thanks to the sympathetic nervous system. In 2019 I tested going without any kind of keto sweetener except berries or tea for a month–and was surprised to lose the most weight I had ever lost in a month, my skin cleared up, my energy was up, my inflammation was down, and I could think more clearly. 

Although I don’t think I’ll ever completely cut out keto sweetener desserts I almost never have them now. Desserts like this keep me on track and are satisfying now that I’m used to no sweetener. 

Microwave Keto Strawberry Egg Loaf


2 tablespoons Butter

2 tablespoons Cream Cheese

2 Tablespoons Heavy Cream

1 Egg

5 or so frozen strawberries

1.) Put the butter and cream cheese in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds to soften it.

2.) Add the heavy cream and stir the ingredients. It won’t be completely smooth.

3.) Add the egg and stir until it’s an even consistency, it probably still won’t be completely smooth.

4.) Add the strawberries, spread them out.

5.) Microwave 2 minutes. Let sit in the microwave 1 minute, then enjoy!

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