Keto Speedy Smores

Recipe Notes Finally! We have keto smores that can be made with pre-made ingredients…which means you can make them fast! Choczero released keto marshmallows that TOAST in December of 2023 and they are awesome! These are fantastic but the problem is you’ll want S’MORE! Okay, but honestly I do put this in the category of […]


Microwave Easy Killer Keto Hot Chocolate

  RECIPE NOTES I tried so many hot chocolate recipes when I got on keto, and I hate to say it but most of them were chalky, lacked flavor, had bad ingredients, or wanted me to set up a double broiler. NOT TODAY MY FRIENDS. The hot chocolate is creamy and full of flavor. And […]


Keto Microwave Panna Cotta

Recipe Notes Fresh berries sit on top of a deliciously creamy and smooth custard flecked with vanilla beans. This is a delightfully easy dessert to make but it does require chill time in the fridge.  Ingredients Heavy Cream- As the main ingredient, a high-quality heavy cream goes a long way here. But get what you […]


Keto Perfectly Peachy Keen Peach Cobbler (No Sweetener)

Recipe Notes A warm, crispy pumpkin-spiced topping sits on top of delicious gooey fruit filling, bringing comforting southern flavors together in this low-carb dish. This peach cobbler has a bit of a twist to lower the carbs– zucchini! But wait, hear me out. When mixed with the peaches and spice and then baked it actually […]


Keto Low Carb Pumpkin Pasties (Harry Potter Inspired)

  Buttery and flaky crust is wrapped around a sweet and creamy pumpkin filling that hits you with the taste of autumn spice. I’m going to Universal Orlando later this year and one of my favorite sections is the Harry Potter area. Between Hogsmeade, Hogwarts, and London there are LOADS of food goodies that I […]


Keto Almost Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Crispy, buttery toast is topped with almond butter and strawberry puree for a keto twist on the standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I remember when I was young my mom had a sandwich press to make PB&J sandwiches that would seal in the filling and if you have one this is an awesome time […]


Keto Microwave Cheesecake Bars

Recipe Notes This is an easy recipe you can whip up very quickly, but it does need to set in the fridge for about 3hrs+ in order to set properly. All you need is a microwave and a fridge so it makes it a great meal for the students out there living in dorms. The […]


Microwave Keto Strawberry Egg Loaf

This recipe tastes like a bread pudding and you may notice some jiggle in the middle still. Be careful to let the food sit in the microwave for a minute afterward–I’ve had this recipe explode on me when I moved it because of the air pockets.  If you’re used to sweeteners you can certainly add […]