Hey there!

My name is Jem and I’ve been eating the ketogenic diet for several years now. Over time I’ve gotten stricter and my current diet is actually closer to ketovore with paleo restrictions although I’m leaving up my older recipes since some of my family still eats them and they were helpful for me during that part of my journey. 

This diet has done a lot for me. I’ve lost 50+lbs, gained a lot of energy, and improved my cognitive performance. I made this site to help share some of my favorite recipes and share my experiences in hopes that it helps others too.

Current lifestyle things I do:

  • Stay in ketosis by eating 20g net carbs or less per day
  • Intermittent fasting: I generally try to eat just once a day and have done some extended fasts 
  • I restrict how much keto sweetener I eat since they still have an effect. It’s better than sugar but I still feel better with less sweetener.
  • No vegetable oils, generally trying to stick to animal fats only because even avocado oil and coconut oil are often mixed with canola
  • No gluten even in small amounts
  • Avoiding dairy (I just tested it and found out I feel better without it)
  • Daily exercise during the sunny part of the day to get some vitamin D, fresh air, and distance vision.