Keto French Silk Pie Blizzard Copycat Recipe

Recipe Notes

The French Silk Pie blizzard was an old favorite of mine from Dairy Queen — the perfect mix between chocolate pie and ice cream. Normally the blizzard is “made with flat Pie Chips, Choco Chunks, Cocoa Fudge and Whipped Topping garnish.” Rebel ice cream’s triple chocolate flavor provides both the choco chunks and cococa fudge flavor to make this a super easy recipe.


8g total carbs = 5 g net carbs in Ice Cream + 3g net carbs from cookies + 0g from whipped cream

This creates a fairly large serving (an entire pint of ice cream) so you can easily cut carbs by just eating half the recipe (half the ice cream container and only 2 cookies).

KetoAim French Silk Pie Blizzard Copycat



  1. Set out the ice cream for about 10 minutes to allow it to soften.
  2. Place cookies into a glass and use a spoon to smash them into smaller pieces. Be careful to not break the glass. Alternatively wash your hands and crumble them into the cup.
  3. Add the ice cream to the cup, and mix in the cookies.
  4. Add whip cream to the top and enjoy!


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